Students of a figure drawing class for journalists.

Students of a figure drawing class for journalists.

Courtesy of Leah Kohlenberg

  • This week, OPB’s “State of Wonder” will be driving across Oregon ahead of the eclipse, checking out the preparations towns in the path of the totality are making. Today’s stop: Newport.
  • Former journalist Leah Kohlenberg learned to draw and paint and noticed her writing became more focused and more interesting. She now makes a living creating and selling her own art and teaching journalists and other non-artists how to draw. We talk to her and a journalist who says learning to draw helped her do her job better.
  • Scientists now have the ability to grow diamonds, one of the hardest substances in the world, in a lab. We talk to Anna-Mieke Anderson, the founder of a Portland diamond company that sells jewelry made from lab-grown diamonds and says she uses the proceeds to help people and environments exploited by diamond mining.

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