Loading logs onto the line at a lumber mill in Glendale, Oregon.

Loading logs onto the line at a lumber mill in Glendale, Oregon.

Jes Burns, OPB/EarthFix



  • Stimson Lumber Company announced that its 85-year-old mill in Forest Grove is cutting 60 jobs, about 40% of its workforce. CEO Andrew Miller attributes the cuts to a changing business environment in Oregon and rising costs of operation. Those costs include environmental permit fees, Oregon’s Clean Fuels Tax and pending cap-and-trade legislation that he believes hurt rural communities and businesses disproportionately.



  • Portland will soon be using location data collected from smartphones to study the ways people move around the city. The pilot launching later this summer will use a software called Replica to create a synthetic model of Portland’s population to track traffic patterns and other information that could influence future policy decisions. Reporter Kate Kaye focuses on tech ethics and wrote about Portland’s use of Replica software for GeekWire. She joins us to dig into the details.



  • An Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainee died last November in the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, Washington. Mergensana Amar was a 40-year-old man from Russia who died after he attempted suicide. This week, Crosscut staff reporter Lilly Fowler reported new details about Amar’s life and his death. She joins us.



  • Last summer, Stephanie Lourenco was promoted to captain in the Portland Police Bureau. The 19-year PPB veteran was the first transgender police officer in the bureau’s history to be promoted to that rank.

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