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Should anabolic steroids be legal?

Questions about steroid use have pervaded sports of all kinds — from professional baseball and bodybuilding to high school football. Anabolic steroids are illegal without a prescription and doctors aren’t allowed to prescribe them to people who want to simply bulk up.

A new film written and produced by an Oregon native presents the cultural, moral, legal and even familial issues surrounding the use of performance enhancing drugs through the story of three fitness-obsessed brothers — two who use steroids, and one who doesn’t. Through interviews with lawmakers, fitness models, doctors and concerned parents, the film invites the question: should steroids be legal?

Have you used steroids to improve your athletic performance — or your physique? Have your friends? Why? Would you consider using them if they weren’t illegal? What concerns you about the use of steroids in professional and amateur sports?




Photo credit: SMeaLLuM / Flickr / Creative Commons

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