Branches of an artificial Christmas tree.

Branches of an artificial Christmas tree.

  • Three students at Sprague High School have died by suicide in the last year. The principal at Sprague, Craig Swanson, is working with teachers, students, mental health counselors and the school district to try to prevent another death. We talk to him about those efforts.
  • Daniel Nguyen recently became the first person of color elected to Lake Oswego’s city council. We hear from Nguyen about his campaign and his hopes for the city.
  • Oregon grows more Christmas trees than any other state. And while it’s not hard to find a locally grown tree for sale or a farm that will let you cut down your own tree to purchase, artificial trees are also plentiful in stores across the state. Some even come with the lights on, boasting a pleasant pine scent with no stray needles to sweep up. If you celebrate Christmas, do you prefer a real tree or an artificial one? What about potted trees

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number is: 800-273-TALK.  You can also text the word “HOME” TO 741-741.

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