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Summer Recess: Peter DeFazio

Pete Springer/OPB

Peter DeFazio is known as an outspoken member of Congress. He was elected in 1986 and now serves on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and the House Natural Resources Committee. Among his many caucus memberships, he’s the founding member of the House Small Brewer’s Caucus.

DeFazio isn’t shy about speaking his mind. Here’s what he had to say about the debt deal (that he voted against):

We did not do good for our country with that vote. We didn’t meaningfully address our long term deficit problems.

And when it came to job creation he said this:

We have the economy that tax cuts gives us. It’s not putting anybody to work. We need investment. The president talks about investment, but he never delivers and he never pushes and he never fights.

He may say he’s lost faith  in the leadership in Washington, but he certainly still has faith in his home community of Lane County.  He’s fighting to get a veteran’s medical center opened in Springfield or Eugene. (It’s been approved, but is taking a long time to get going).

And he responds to the recent layoff of 450 people at Monaco Coach by saying it’s a symptom of the overall bleak economic climate and that the local economy most needs is a boost of education dollars, since the University of Oregon is one of the area’s biggest  employers.

We’ll talk to DeFazio about all those things, plus the Columbia River Crossing, the O&C lands (which depend on timber payments) and more.

In this summer recess season, what question do you have for Representative Peter DeFazio?


  • Representative Peter DeFazio (D-OR)
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