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Super Tuesday

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Wednesday Morning UPDATE: Mitt Romney won primaries in Virginia, Vermont, Massachusetts, Alaska, Idaho and Ohio. Rick Santorum North Dakota, Tennessee, and Oklahoma. Newt Gingrich won the primary in his home state of Georgia.

It’s Super Tuesday! Ten states across the country will be voting or caucusing for their favorite Republican presidential nominee today. But some people are calling this Not-So-Super Tuesday, especially compared with 2008 when 24 states held primaries or caucuses on the same day. But to that, Slate has this response:

We’ll find out what our friendly local political analyst, Jim Moore, thinks of this year’s results. And we’ll get into the local political news — including the candidate filing deadline for the May primary. That deadline is 5 p.m. today (Tuesday). That’s when we’ll find out who’s in the race for Attorney General, Treasurer, and a number of state legislative seats (to name a few).

Of course, Oregon’s 34-day legislative session also just wrapped up. And President Obama held a news conference, for the first time since October, talking about the economy, gas prices, Iran and Afghanistan, among other topics.

With all this political news, what stands out for you? Are you starting to get hyped about this election year? What’s front-and-center for you, politically, right now?


  • Jim Moore: Professor of political science at Pacific University
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