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People who want to become parents have a lot of different options when they can’t conceive on their own. We’ve talked about egg donation, adoption, and in vitro fertilization (IVF) on past shows. Surrogacy is yet another way for people to have a child, often with at least some of their own genetic material.

Oregon doesn’t have laws restricting surrogacy the way some other states, like Washington, do. According to a recent Portland Tribune article, there’s a growing niche market for international couples seeking surrogate mothers in Oregon, due to the lack of regulation as well as the high caliber of reproductive clinics here.

Have you become a parent through surrogacy? Have you carried a baby as a surrogate mother? What factors influenced your choice to use a surrogate or to become one? What surprised you about the process?


  • Sandra Hodgson: Director and co-founder of the Northwest Surrgoacy Center (NWSC)
  • Guy Tatsa: Israeli father of a child born through surrogacy in Oregon, and refers gay Israeli intended parents to NWSC
  • Ali Bond: Mother of seven children, both adopted and biological. One-time Oregon surrogate who is currently embarking on another surrogacy with an Oregon couple
  • Joe: Oregon resident and father of two children through gestational surrogacy
  • Diane Hinson: Founder of Creative Family Connections
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