A voter drops off a ballot at a Multnomah County dropbox in November 2016.

A voter drops off a ballot at a Multnomah County dropbox in November 2016.

Ann McGarry/OPB

  • KUOW reporter Liz Jones toured the Tacoma Northwest Detention Center, a privately-run immigration enforcement facility housing detainees from throughout the Pacific Northwest. She explored detention conditions for women in the system and spoke with a Portland area woman who suffered a miscarriage while in custody. Jones joins us to discuss her reporting.
  • In the wake of the violent attack that occurred on a Portland light-rail MAX train in May, TriMet has increased security, including transit police. Today we’ll hear from Orlando Lopez, an organizer with the rider advocacy group Bus Riders Unite!, about the group’s perspective on transit security issues and their call for a decrease in armed police presence. Tomorrow we’ll speak with TriMet Chief Operating Officer Doug Kelsey for more about the agency’s security strategy.

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