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Portland Business Journal editor Rob Smith joins us to discuss business news in the New Year. The Ducks’ victory over the Wisconsin Badgers at the Rose Bowl Monday could be a boon for the University of Oregon. While the costs of going to a bowl game can be high, a win can also lead to increased enrollment, merchandise sales and more alumni support for athletic programs. Football isn’t the only reason people around the country are talking about us, though. A new season of the IFC series Portlandia premieres this week and a sneak peek is already available online. Portlandia is one of a handful of shows filmed in Oregon’s largest city, bringing revenue to local businesses.

Portland brands are also continuing to spread across the country. Stumptown Coffee is about to open its first standalone location in New York and Brooklyn will soon have their own Pok Pok. New York enthusiasm aside, Stumptown seems to have lost some of their coolness factor, at least according to Zagat. The restaurant ratings guide left Stumptown off their list of the “10 Coolest Independent Coffee Shops Across the US,” opting instead to highlight Ristretto Roasters. (It’s debatable whether Stumptown can still be considered independent after a New York investment firm bought 90 percent of the company last year.)

What do you think about Zagat’s choice of Ristretto over Stumptown? Are you a Ducks fan? Where do you see the economic impact of a Rose Bowl win? What other business stories have you been following?

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