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Portland Business Journal editor Rob Smith will be in studio for our regular business update. Here are some of the topics we’ll take a look at:

  • Nike executives are getting a bigger paycheck, we’ll look at why some executive incomes have rebounded quickly after the economic crash.
  • U.S Department of Labor implements new regulations that make is easier for employers and workers to avoid large fees and shop for the right 401(k).
  • Columbia Distributing, a Portland based company and the West Coast’s largest beverage distributor, was recently sold to Meritage Group in the Bay Area.
  • Mayor Sam Adams pulls the plug on the Oregon Sustainability Project after 2.3 million has already been spent.

Do you think Nike executives should be getting larger paychecks or should there be a cap? How will the U.S Department of Labors rules affect how you shop for a 401(k)? What do you think about the Oregon Sustainability Project ending?     

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OPB | Broadcast: Oct. 10, 2012