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Robin Doussard, editor-in-chief of Oregon Business Magazine, joins us for our regular business chat. We’ll delve into a few different topics. Consumer confidence is a looming economic indicator as the holiday shopping season approaches. It fell this month, according to national figures. Oregon Business did an interesting survey of area businesses on their confidence levels. The survey found only 25 percent are expecting Oregon’s economy to improve, compared with the 37 percent who expected improvement in May 2010. With the end of timber payments on the horizon, rural Oregon is probably feeling somewhat less confident than other parts of the state. 

Regardless of where they’re located, many of Oregon’s publicly traded companies have one thing in common: a lack of women on their boards of directors. Oregon Business highlighted this in a recent cover story, pointing out that that nearly half of the state’s 46 publicly traded companies have all-male boards, even though companies with more women on the board tend to do better financially.

What does your economic picture look like as you think about holiday spending? Are you a business owner? What will the holiday season mean for your company? Do you live in a rural area? What will your town do without federal timber payments?

What other business stories are on your mind?


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