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Talking Business | Escaping The Nazis | American Dream: Employed And Homeless

From left, Amelie Holmstrom, her mother and two sisters.

From left, Amelie Holmstrom, her mother and two sisters.

Courtesy of Amelie Holmstrom

  • We talk about some of the latest regional business news with Portland Business Journal editor Suzanne Stevens.
  • Amelie Holmstrum and her two sisters were 13 when they left their parents behind and got on a boat to the U.S. to escape the Nazis. The triplets had grown up in Vienna, fled to Paris, and eventually landed in Portland. Holmstrum is featured in the new Ken Burns documentary about the American Unitarian couple who helped thousands of people escape from Europe during the Holocaust. The documentary airs tonight on OPB TV.
  • Robert and Monique Dock responded to our American Dream survey. We talk with them about how they view success and achievement after losing their home and having to live in their car — even though they both have jobs.

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