Neuberger Hall at Portland State University.

Neuberger Hall at Portland State University.

Kristian Foden-Vencil/OPB





  • In Oregon and across the nation, enrollment of international students at colleges and universities is on the decline. Both Oregon State University and Portland State University noted a drop in international students, pointing to increasing competition and less financial support for students from foreign countries. Some even suggest that Trump administration policies, like the travel ban, are partly to blame. We’ll speak with the Director of Admissions for International Recruitment and Outreach for PSU to learn more.



  • Could a ferry across the Columbia River relieve traffic congestion between Portland and Vancouver? Susan Bladholm, the founder and president of “Frog Ferry,” thinks so. Her plan is to run a passenger ferry from one city to the other that could carry approximately 600 people during commute times. The plan has been encouraged by Gov. Kate Brown, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and other local leaders. We’ll talk about the proposal.

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