People can summon drivers from ride services like Uber through smartphone apps.

People can summon drivers from ride services like Uber through smartphone apps.

Christina Belasco/OPB

  • We talk with the Editor of Portland Business Journal, Suzanne Stevens, about Uber’s law enforcement-evading program, “Greyball,” a local keg-making Kickstarter company that’s making a comeback and Portland’s banking relationship with Wells Fargo, which may be on the rocks.
  • The School Superintendents Association has chosen North Clackamas Schools superintendent Matt Utterback as its superintendent of the year. He’ll tell us how he managed to raise graduation rates, and improve education outcomes for low-income, minority and special education students.
  • President Trump’s relationship with the press has been characterized as a “war on journalism.” We talk to Seth C. Lewis, electronic media professor at the University of Oregon about what he sees the opportunity in this “war.”

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