Blossoms bloom in front of the Washington County Courthouse.

Blossoms bloom in front of the Washington County Courthouse.

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  • Lawyers from Multnomah Defenders Inc. will be absent from courts this week as they press Oregon lawmakers to address issues with the state’s public defense system. Last year, a report from the Sixth Amendment Center found that Oregon’s public defense system is unconstitutional. Autumn Shreve, a public defender for Multnomah Defenders Inc., tells us about what she and her colleagues want to see from lawmakers.



  • In 1970, a young orca whale was captured off the coast of Washington. She was called “Tokitae” and later “Lolita” and currently resides at the Seaquarium in Miami, Florida. The whale’s name is actually Sk’aliCh’elh-tenaut, according to the Lummi Nation. The tribe considers her part of their family and they want to bring her home. Lummi council member Freddie Lane joins us to talk about the cross-country trip he’s been on with an orca totem pole to raise awareness about the whale and the Lummi Nation’s effort to bring her back to the Pacific Northwest.



  • In response to the ongoing crisis in the child welfare system, including scathing audits and a class action lawsuit, democratic Governor Kate Brown appointed a Child Welfare Oversight Board. The body is meeting every other week and is chaired by the governor herself. We talk with two of its members, Judge Nan Waller and the Casey Foundation’s David Sanders, to find out how they’re approaching their momentous task and why they think this panel will succeed where similar efforts have not.

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