Tyler White, a member of the education coalition called The CENTER, speaks to the audience during a live “Think Out Loud” show on race in the classroom.

With racial bias under the national microscope like never before, we talk to students, teachers and others in education about how race and racial identity are playing out – in curricula, class discussions and everyday life. We invited an audience to join us at the De La Salle North Catholic auditorium to discuss the real life experiences students have around race at school and explore ways that teachers can facilitate positive and productive discussions about race.

Our guests include high school students Sarah Steele, Karen Reyes, Jamie Bikales, and Elijah Crawford;  teachers Jayme Causey, Courtney Palmer, Cesar Ramirez; and Indian education director, Angie Morrill, PhD.

The show is the third show produced in collaboration with The CENTER. Students talking about the American Dream aired in November 2016, and the student discussion of political polarization aired in May 2017.

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