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Tax Referrals

Pete Springer/OPB

On Friday, anti-tax signature gatherers are expected to deposit enough valid signatures to the Oregon Elections Division in Salem to force a referendum on the $733 million tax package passed by the Oregon Legislature this year. The Democrat-controlled legislature passed these hikes to deal with a huge budget shortfall and a terrible economy. Republican lawmakers were against the tax increases from the start. It was not surprising when a signature-gathering campaign began. And political observers, like Jeff Mapes, say it won’t be surprising if sufficient signatures were received. (The campaign will announce the precise number at noon.) The referendum would then go in front of voters on the January 26 ballot.

Were you approached by signature gatherers? If so, what did you do? And what do you make of the the referendum itself? Will you vote to keep — or drop — the income and corporate tax hikes?


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