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TBA: Nora Chipaumire

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In 2000, Nora Chipaumire left her native country of Zimbabwe where she received a law degree to move to the United States and pursue a career in dance. She left everything she knew behind including the expectations from her country, family and culture to embark on an adventure that would soon change her life and her outlook on the world. Not only does Chipaumire perform, she uses her own choreography ‘as a language’ to express her feelings, emotions, and dreams. Her contemporary dance choreography allows her to break free from tradition and find a strong voice.
Chipaumire has won numerous awards for her work including the 2012 Alpert Award for the Arts and in 2011 United Sates Artist Ford Fellow. Her collaboration with Fred Bendongue, Silence/Dreams was named one of the ten best dances of 2010 by the New York Times dance critics.
You can catch Nora Chipaumire performing MIRIAM (her new piece) live this week at the Time-Based Art Festival held in Portland.

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Editor’s Note: For more information about PICA’s Time-Based Art Festival check out OPB’s Arts & Life.

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