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Teen Access to Birth Control

Pete Springer/OPB

Should high school nurses be able to prescribe birth control — like pills, patches, rings or Depo-Provera shots — to students on campus? Some students at Canby thought so. They said it would prevent teen pregnancies and promote student health. The idea fired up a good deal of conversation in Canby, but ultimately the school baord voted unanimously against the proposal. Interestingly, according to The Oregonian‘s live tweets from school board meeting, the proposal never included the distribution of condoms because bringing condoms into the discussion seemed “inflammatory.”

Are you a high school student, or do you have kids in high school? Are you a teacher, guidance counselor, or nurse? What role do you think schools should have in preventing teen pregnancy, and promoting reproductive health? Should they prescribe birth control? Hand out condoms? Promote abstinence? Teach sex ed classes? Or do absolutely nothing? If a teen has questions, or concerns, about sexual health where should he or she go?

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