We’re celebrating 10 years of “Think Out Loud” this year with various specials and audience shows, along with a few compilations of some of our favorite moments from the last decade.

I volunteered to put together an hour based on conversations we’ve had with writers over the years. I chose this because — whether they’re novelists or poets or essayists or playwrights — writers have so often given us thoughtful interviews full of insights about themselves and our world.

I underestimated the challenge: choosing just a few excerpts from dozens and dozens of conversations. It meant that tons of amazing authors had to be excluded.

But hopefully the authors we were able to include will give you a small sense of the breadth of folks we’ve had on over the years. Below are links to the full interviews for each author we’ve excerpted. Enjoy.

Contact "Think Out Loud"

If you’d like to comment on any of the topics in this show, or suggest a topic of your own, please get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter, send an email to thinkoutloud@opb.org, or you can leave a voicemail for us at 503-293-1983. The call-in phone number during the noon hour is 888-665-5865.