Coya Crispin and her children, February 2017.

Coya Crispin and her children, February 2017.

Amelia Templeton/OPB



  • With the start of a new month, many people are concerned about paying rent. Eviction courts are closed and a statewide eviction moratorium is in place, with some additional protections at the local level, but these are limited. Mostly, these regulations allow tenants to defer rent payments if they can prove that the reason they can’t pay is related to the COVID-19 crisis. And landlords are still legally required to do maintenance and repairs, even if their income is reduced due to tenants’ inability to pay rent. We hear from Coya Crespin, Portland Metro community organizer for the Community Alliance of Tenants, and Jim Straub, legislative director for the Oregon Rental Housing Association and owner of Acorn Property Management.



  • Bookstores are closed due to the coronavirus, like all other businesses that are “nonessential.” But many bookstore owners are still at work, and have plenty of suggestions for essential reading during this unique time. They’re providing books online and via curbside pickup. We get some reading recommendations from Stephanie Csaszar of Books Around the Corner in Gresham, and Katie Pryde of Books with Pictures in Portland.



  • Portland writer Sallie Tisdale says finding ways to help others has kept her anxiety about COVID-19 at bay. We hear from Tisdale, author of “Advice for Future Corpses (and Those Who Love Them)” and part-time registered nurse about how she’s coping with the pandemic and social distancing.

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