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The Backstory On The Bosnian War Criminal Arrested In Beaverton



Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office

In 2011, a woman living under the name Sammy Yetisen was arrested by federal officers in her second-floor Beaverton apartment for gunning down civilians in a 1993 massacre in the village of Trusina during the Bosnian War. At the time of the massacre, she was known as Zolja. Her given name was Rasema Handanovic.

Journalist Nigel Duara covered the arrest in Beaverton and its aftermath for the Associated Press in 2011, and the story stuck with him. He spoke to federal agents involved in the arrest, poured over testimony from witnesses to the massacre, and interviewed the Homeland Security investigator who tracked Handanovic and tried to get her to confess. The result is an article in the new issue of Portland Monthly that tells a more complete story of the investigation that lead federal agents to the woman who was later extradited to Bosnia and convicted of war crimes.

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