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The Democratic Party's On

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The state of the state Democratic party.

It’s a good time to be a Democrat in Oregon. Voter registration is up (38,630 new Democrats this year compared to 1,985 new Republicans) and the May 20 Oregon primary is more relevant than it has been in decades. But hotly contested races at the local and national level make it a difficult time to consider a unified message.

That’s just what the Democratic Party of Oregon hopes to do this weekend at their annual platform convention in Eugene. Nicknamed “Building for Change,” the party will play host to activists from around the state as well as champions for both presidential candidates (Chelsea Clinton from the Clinton camp and Hawaii Congressman Neil Abercrombie, who will speak in support of an Obama nomination). The attorney general candidates will also get their chance to vie for support from their fellow Oregon Dems.

Are you an Oregon Democrat? Are you happy with the party’s politics? What would you like to see change? Are you a recently registered Democrat? What prompted you to join the party? Are you planning to switch again after the primary? What might make you decide to stay?


Photo Credit: Kim Scarborough / Flickr / Creative Commons

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