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The GOP Parties On

What’s the state of Oregon’s Republican Party?

The Oregon Republican Party means two things this weekend. The “capital P” Party faces major financial problems and a big change to its leadership. They have racked up almost $300,000 in debt. And have just announced they’re replacing their executive director with Andrew Over, Gordon Smith’s deputy campaign manager — effective Monday.

The “small p” party is called Dorchester and is happening this weekend. It’s the annual opportunity for Republicans of all stripes to come together to debate issues and get re-energized about politics. This is the event’s 44th year, and over 600 people are expected to attend. They’ll be talking about transportation, presidential primaries, the special session, and renewable energy. There will also be a night of skits and a straw poll to let everyone know how Oregon Republicans may vote this year.

Considering all this fun (and Dorchester promises “Politics is Fun”), we decided it is time to join the party ? our own version, that is ? by talking about the state of the GOP.

Are you a Republican concerned about the state of the Party? Does Dorchester reflect the issues that you think are most important to Oregonian Republicans? Have you attended this conference in the past? Do you plan to in this year?


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