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The Governor of Washington Takes Your Questions

What would you like to ask Governor Gregoire?

Governor Chris Gregoire of Washington is having a busy week. The 60 day legislative session for 2008 just ended so, according to her aides, she has about 150 bills to sign. When she came into office (amidst great contention in a one of the tightest races in history) she posed the following questions in her inaugural address:

?What will our legacy be? Will we leave a legacy of holding government accountable, cutting through the red tape and breaking down the barriers that hinder business development? Will we leave a legacy of strong democratic institutions and faith in government? Will we work to provide health care for every child in this state? Will we dramatically lower our high school dropout rate, and help every young person fulfill his or her full potential? That?s exactly what I?m here to do — not alone, but together with all of you, Republican and Democrat alike.?

Governor Gregoire is up for re-election this year. It is a good time to check in. Did she do the things she set out to do? Did she work together with Democrats and Republicans to bring change to the state? How well has she worked with Oregon? And what?s next on her agenda?

This is your opportunity get answers directly from the Governor of Washington. What would you like to ask her?

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