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'The Horse Latitudes' | 'Thank You For Your Service'

David Nogueras/OPB

  • Author and Iraq War veteran Matthew Robinson joins us to talk about his first novel, “The Horse Latitudes.” He says he wanted to write a war story where veterans could see themselves in the narrative. Robinson’s novel unfolds through the perspective of various soldiers during a deployment in the Iraq war.
  • As Veterans Day approaches, we hear from people who have served in the military about what the phrase “Thank you for your service” means to them. We’re joined by Judy Johnston, a retired army staff sergeant who served in the Vietnam War, Robert Stearns, an Iraq War veteran who served as a combat infantryman from 2006-2007 and deployed during the surge, and Juan Velez, who served as U.S. Navy as a Petty Officer 3rd Class before he was honorably discharged in 2016.  

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