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The Next Generation

Who are the African American leaders who will shape Oregon’s future?

Early on in this year’s presidential campaign, the pundits were parsing Sen. Barack Obama’s political past, and they (and his opponents) questioned his experience. That experience was shaped by the local politics of Chicago, where he first ran for elected office. And Obama, in turn, is helping to shape the political experience for a new generation of African American leaders.

In an election year when our nation has watched the rapid rise of a young, black politician on the national scene, we ask: What are the experiences shaping young African American leaders in our community today? If you count yourself in that group, what are your priorities, and how might they differ from those of an older generation? If you came of age in an older generation, do you think much has changed?


Cyreena Boston: Former candidate for Oregon House District 45

Charles McGee: Executive Director, Black Parent Initiative

Bobby Green: Lane County Commissioner

Photo credit: CG2_SoulArtist / Flickr / Creative Commons

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