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The Nightmare Factory | Wild Horse Management

Oregon Field Guide, Steens Archeology, 2007Kiger Mustangs graze on Juniper in the Steens Mountain in eastern, Oregon.

Oregon Field Guide, Steens Archeology, 2007
Kiger Mustangs graze on Juniper in the Steens Mountain in eastern, Oregon.


  • When Ed Roberts pitched the idea for a haunted house fundraiser at the Oregon School for the Deaf, he had no idea how successful it would be. Thirty years later, the Nightmare Factory has become one of the spookiest attractions in the Northwest.


  • Wild horses are the stuff of American myth — but unbeknownst to some, large herds of mustangs still roam the West today. In fact, the Bureau of Land Management has attempted to control wild horse numbers for decades with a costly program of roundups and long-term holding that its critics view as mismanaged. Dave Philipps’ new book, “Wild Horse Country,” dives into the history, the myth and the future of wild horses in the West.

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