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The Past, Present And Future Of The South Waterfront District

The South Waterfront has seen an increase in development in recent years.

Not long ago, the Portland neighborhood known as the South Waterfront was all but written off as a failed experiment. At one time, city officials were hopeful that the district could become the next up-and-coming neighborhood, plunged serious money into it, along with the developers. The aftermath of the 2008 recession squelched those hopes, and it looked like the area might never develop the way the city envisioned.

But the South Waterfront has rebounded, and now stands as an attractive landing spot for businesses and residents, partly because of its proximity to the Willamette and a variety of transportation options. There’s also a big collaborative life sciences building, a senior living facility and some affordable housing.

We’ll spend this hour talking about the history of the South Waterfront, the reasons behind its rise in popularity, and what the area might look like in the future.

Do you live or work in the South Waterfront? Do you pass through it on your commute? What do you think about its development as a neighborhood? What would like to see it look like in 10 or 20 years?


  • Daniel Nguyen: Owner of Bambuza Vietnam Kitchen
  • Floyd Skloot: Author and South Waterfront Resident
  • Dennis Allen: Director of Planning and Development at ZRZ Realty
  • Homer Williams: Co-founder and Chairman of Williams and Dame
  • Brian Libby: Journalist and Founder of the Portland Architecture Blog

Editor’s note: This show will be broadcast  from the South Waterfront neighborhood at Bambuza Vietnam Kitchen, at 3682 S.W. Bond. We’d love to have you join us!

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South Waterfront

The South Waterfront has seen an increase in development in recent years.