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The Realities of Depression

It’s all over the news and social media —people reacting to the death of Robin Williams. Some people are mourning the loss of a much-loved comedian and remembering their favorite memories of him (like this one where he recounts the story of his career).

Others are wondering how something like this could happen to such a funny — and successful — man. Robin Williams died after hanging himself in his bedroom.  His publicist told people that he had been dealing with substance abuse and battling severe depression.

If Robin Williams can succumb to the darkness of depression at the age of 63, how are other people coping? Have you, or someone you love, been diagnosed with depression or bipolar disorder? How does it affect your day-to-day life? How do you get through your darkest days?

Editor’s Note: One of the guests on our show today was Dave Mowry with Stand Up for Mental Health. To find out about some of his upcoming shows, click here.

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