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How have the presidential campaigns impacted your local community?

The presidential candidates are actively courting Oregon voters and people across the state are delighted to join in the fun. One Portlander has been designing and selling his own biodegradable campaign posters. Chelsea Clinton’s appearance at a local fundraiser got gossip columnists humming and helped her mom woo gay voters. Now Portland’s only lesbian bar is hoping the former first daughter will grace them with her presence next week .

Pizza joints and coffee shops around the state are gearing up for the possibility of a suprise visit by John McCain, who will be in Portland on Monday, Hillary Clinton, who is in Central Point today and Portland on Friday, and Barack Obama who plans to be in the state on Friday and Saturday. Television stations are selling ads and event planners have been busy making arrangements with venues in the area. Meanwhile, local police are absorbing the costs of overtime pay for officers assigned to campaign events.

How have the presidential campaigns impacted your local community? How are you preparing for a visit from the candidates? What do you want the candidates to remember about their time in the Beaver state?


Photo credit: tyfn / Flickr / Creative Commons

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