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The Social And Economic Effects Of The World Cup

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The World Cup is underway in Brazil, and while many viewers are enjoying the games, the organizing bodies behind the event are the subjects of much criticism. FIFA has been called out for corruption during the World Cup, and the majority of the Brazilian public think the event is bad for Brazil. Criticisms include: building a stadium that will only be used four times, using excessive force on protesters, and FIFA avoiding paying Brazil’s taxes when World Cup revenue is around $5 billion.

But nevertheless, countries vie to play host to the World Cup and other major sporting events, and billions of people around the world tune in. What are the socioeconomic pros and cons of hosting, watching, and playing in the World Cup? We’ll find out.


  • Jules Boykoff: Author and associate professor of political science at Pacific University
  • Andrew Guest: Associate professor of psychology at the University of Portland
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