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The Upside of a Downturn?

Warren Buffet says we’re in a recession. The President calls it a “slowdown.” Either way, the Fed says “economic growth is slowing.

But for whom?

Recently, we sent out a question to people in our Public Insight Network asking “Are you feeling an economic slowdown?

I spoke with a software developer in Portland who told me that the tech industry in Portland appears to be thriving right now, recession or not.

And some people claim to be doing well because of the slowdown. An Oregon bankruptcy attorney told me that he’s seen a steady increase in calls from potential new clients. A professional resume writer told me she’s seen an increase in the demand for her services, and I spoke with a residential property manager in Vancouver who said he has very few vacancies right now, and a waiting list to get in.

Are you feeling a slowdown? Or do you work in an industry that’s been spared? Are you preparing for tough times? Or do you see a recession as an opportunity — personally or professionally?


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