A gray wolf.

A gray wolf.

USFWS - Pacific Region / Flickr


  • The Medford city council is considering funding one-way bus tickets for homeless people who have the option to live with family members in another place. Portland has a program like this that’s been up and running for a few years. We’ll hear from Kevin Stine, the Medford city councilor who has championed this idea, and George Devendorf, executive director of Transition Projects, the organization that runs the Ticket Home program in Portland.



  • Brooks Nelson and Yee Won Chong are friends and housemates, and they consider each other family. So, when they were both diagnosed with cancer at the same time, it was a huge blow. Nelson and Chong are also both transgender, and though they both identify as male, they were facing breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Chong and Nelson have made a documentary called “Trans Dudes With Lady Cancer” about their difficulty navigating the medical system. The film screens this Wednesday, July 12 at 5:30 at the Q Center.

  • Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife commissioners approved a new plan last week for gray wolves. The plan sets protocols for potential hunts and new thresholds for when the agency may kill wolves after attacks on cattle and sheep. OPB’s Tony Schick fills us in on the details.

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