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Third Parties: Independent Party

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Sal Peralta, the secretary of the Independent Party of Oregon, knows that some people have a hard time getting their head around what his party is all about. In fact, he jokes it’s almost like a non-party-party, something of a “post-modern” take on political parties. 

He says some people end up as party members who merely wanted to register as a “non-affiliated” voter — but ended up checking the “Independent” box. Peralta says the Independent Party of Oregon is not “ideologically driven.” In fact, it draws from people of all political leanings who are dissatisfied with the two major parties. Some of the candidates on the Independent ticket in the November election are also members of the major parties. That’s possible because of the state’s fusion voting law

The current platform is put together with input from an issue poll sent to all the party’s members. It includes: 

  • Addressing jobs and the economy
  • Reducing the influence of special interests on the legislative process
  • Regulating banks and insurance companies to better protect consumers

Would you consider registering as a member of the Independent Party of Oregon or voting for a candidate on the Independent Party ticket? Which of their issues resonate with you? Which don’t? What is the appropriate role for minor parties in our system of government?


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