A man holds a Timber Unity sign at a rally at the state Capitol in Salem in June.

A man holds a Timber Unity sign at a rally at the state Capitol in Salem in June.

David Stuckey/OPB



  • As Oregon lawmakers gather in Salem for the 2020 legislative session, a group that came together during the last session is organizing a rally. Timber Unity made a big splash in Salem driving logging trucks and carrying signs opposing cap-and-trade legislation, and supporting the Republican lawmakers who walked out to protest the bill. We hear from one of Timber Unity’s founding members, Todd Stoffel, about his hopes for the 2020 legislative session.



  • After 26 years of leading the Portland Baroque Orchestra, Artistic Director Monica Huggett will step down this year. Huggett has built the period orchestra into the third-largest in the country. We talk to Huggett about the history and the future of baroque music in Portland.



  • The Portland Winter Light Festival creates over 100 illuminated art installations each year. It’s free to attend. The festival team says its goal is to build community by combining art and technology while invigorating Portland during one of the rainiest months of the year. The fifth annual PWLF will take place on Feb. 6-8, 2020. We hear from Alisha Sullivan, the festival’s new executive director.

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