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Tiny School | George And Hillary Atiyeh

George and Hillary Atiyeh and their dog.

George and Hillary Atiyeh and their dog.

OPB/Sage Van Wing

  • George Atiyeh fought for over 20 years to preserve acres of forest in the central Cascades called Opal Creek. It is remembered by many as the biggest and most well known battle to preserve old growth timber in Oregon. We visited George Atiyeh in his home to talk about that fight. We also spoke to George, and his wife Hillary Atiyeh, about his remarkable recovery from a serious plane crash two years ago.

  • We also listen back to an interview with Gretchen Stack and Mona Boyd, the teacher and principal at the tiny school in Brothers, Oregon. We spoke to them in 2015 when the school re-opened for 5 students.

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