The wildfire spared the welcome sign, but not the Hodge's home behind.

The wildfire spared the welcome sign, but not the Hodge’s home behind.

Sage Van Wing/OPB

As a part of our celebration of 10 years of being on the air, we’re listening back to some excerpts of from our ‘At Home’ series. For that series, we left our studios and talked to interesting people in their houses. Today we’ll hear from:

  • Students at the public school in Mitchell – which is also a boarding school for students from all over the state and the world.
  • Young interns living on a farm in central Oregon learning what it takes to be a farmer.
  • Two couples living together in a townhouse in Hillsboro in a polyamorous relationship.
  • Sacha Snyder and Dan Weidinger, a couple living the the woods of Bull Run Wilderness.
  • James Yamazaki, a 99 year old Japanese American man who served in the medical corps during WWII, was a POW and later studied the affects of the atomic bombs in Japan. 
  • Verdena Parker, the last known living fluent speaker of the Hupa language.
  • Stacy Warwick, who lived in a self governed house for addicts in recovery in Albany.
  • Carolyn and Ira Hodge, who lost their home to a wildfire.
  • Summer Whisman, who suffered from the degenerative disease ALS, and spoke to us through a computer, which she controlled with her eyes.

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