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Tracking Kennewick Man's Ancestry

Kennewick Man.

Kennewick Man.


Early results of DNA testing on an ancient skeleton found nearly 20 years ago on the banks of the Columbia river in Washington indicate he is related to modern Native Americans. The remains were dubbed Kennewick Man (K-man to locals) after he was found near the small town of Kennewick, Washington. The bones kicked off a 10-year legal battle, with tribes wanting to bury the remains of “The Ancient One,” and scientists wanting to study them. Testing was ultimately allowed by a federal court, and a scientific book about what is known so far about K-Man was published last fall.

Kennewick Man is currently in the Burke Museum in Seattle. We’ll talk with Seattle Times reporter Sandi Doughton who recently learned about the preliminary DNA test results after she filed a Freedom of Information Act request.

history native americans science genetics genomics

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