Mobility International USA's "Loud, Proud and Passionate!" mural at 842 Pearl Street in Eugene.

Mobility International USA’s “Loud, Proud and Passionate!” mural at 842 Pearl Street in Eugene.

Courtesy of Mobility International USA



  • More than 3 thousand people live on the Umatilla Indian Reservation. Tribal leaders are urging all residents to comply with Oregon Gov. Kate Brown’s “stay at home” order. We talk with Chuck Sams with the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation about how the community is doing and the work being done by the Tribes’ incident command team.



  • Oregon’s Department of Justice is reporting a rise in fraud schemes related to the coronavirus pandemic. Scammers have set up fake websites, posted false information on social media and are targeting people with calls and emails. We talk with Oregon’s U.S. Attorney Billy J. Williams about what people need to watch out for.



  • Last year Portland’s Regional Arts and Culture Council announced a change in the way they distribute money from the arts tax. The idea was to get more money to smaller, diverse organizations. But some organizations say maybe it’s time to re-think the arts tax entirely. We’ll also hear what RACC is doing to support arts organizations hit hard by the global pandemic. Madison Cario is the Executive Director of RACC.



  • Mobility International USA is aimed at empowering women with disabilities in countries around the world. Susan Sygall, the CEO and co-founder of MIUSA, says a lot has changed since the organization started in 1981. Now, she talks less about inclusion of women with disabilities into civic life, and more about “infiltration,” as more women with disabilities work in leadership in businesses and organizations around the globe. MIUSA recently completed a mural in Eugene, where the nonprofit is based, as part of the city’s Urban Mural program. Now they want to make the mural accessible to sight impaired people by creating a version that’s raised so it can be experienced in a tactile way.

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