Sam Kane and Caitlin Drost say Bird brand electric scooters are "super fun" and "pretty awesome," respectively.

Sam Kane and Caitlin Drost say Bird brand electric scooters are “super fun” and “pretty awesome,” respectively.

Zane Sparling/Portland Tribune



  • Last week, e-scooters were deployed in Portland as part of a shared scooters program. During the four-month pilot period, up to 2,500 shared scooters will gain permits to operate in the city. Chris Warner, interim director of the Portland Bureau of Transportation, joins us to discuss the program.



  • Only 32 percent of Americans say that they trust journalists to report factually and without bias. Two University of Oregon instructors spent the past year trying to understand why, and what journalists can do to fix it. Lisa Heyamoto and Todd Milbourn join us to talk about the 32 Percent Project.



  • Earlier in July, University of Oregon professor Craig Phillips performed at the National Opera Center in New York with the purpose of reviving The Revelers. Once among the top performers in the U.S., the popular 1930s quartet had faded into history until Phillips found the group’s scores in a Connecticut attic. Today, Phillips joins us in the studio to tell us how he’s reviving The Revelers.

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