Signs are posted at Portland State University. One sign reads, "Disarm PSU." Another reads: Tuition Hike? Hell No."

Signs are posted at Portland State University. One sign reads, “Disarm PSU.” Another reads: Tuition Hike? Hell No.”

Elizabeth Miller/OPB



  • Earlier this month, the Portland State University Board of Trustees approved an 11% increase of undergraduate resident tuition. Oregon State University has increased tuition just over 4%. Other colleges and universities in the state are waiting to find out how much money the legislature might put aside to support higher education. Steve Percy, acting president of PSU, and Mark Mitsui, president of Portland Community College, join us. We also hear from M’Kya Bettega, a senior at Roosevelt High School, who plans to attend PSU in the fall.



  • The trade war between the United States and China is heating up, with tens of billions of dollars in tariffs and counter-tariffs imposed by both sides. Some major Oregon industries will be severely affected, including agriculture and apparel. We learn more about the effect of the trade war on Oregon’s economy from Tim Duy, professor of Economics at the University of Oregon and director of the Oregon Economic Forum.



  • Fighting wildfires is a risky occupation, but women firefighters must also battle sexism and harassment. We listen back to our conversation with High Country News correspondent Krista Langlois about her investigation into this issue and ex-firefighter Aili Johnston.

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