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The Undecideds

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When we thought that there would be a Republican Presidential Debate here at OPB we searched for some undecided Republican voters. We wanted them to join us at OPB on the night of the debate, to listen to the debate, and to let us know whether any candidate won them over after 90 minutes.

Well, clearly, the debate isn’t happening. But that doesn’t make the decision that these people have to face any easier. In fact, with one less opportunity to witness them in action, it might actually make the decision harder. Now the voters have to rely on the news and the ads, and candidate appearances. (Mitt Romney says he will visit Oregon again before the May Primary. It is likely that others will too. But how much face-time will undecided voters get? Likely very little.) So how are they going to decide?

In this segment we’ll sit down with these voters to find out what they’re looking for in a candidate. What issues are most important to them and what they want the candidates to say to win them over. We’ll also spend some time diving into how the delegate counting really works and what Republican insiders are expecting for the next few months.

And we want to hear from you. Are you a Republcan? Who are you supporting for President, and why? If you can’t decide, why not?

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