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Unionizing University of Oregon

Pete Springer/OPB

University of Oregon faculty members have launched a unionizing effort. United Academics of the University of Oregon would include tenured and nontenured faculty as well as research faculty and postdoctoral scholars. Administrative employees would not be a part of the union. Faculty members say a union would allow them to better address concerns they have about how money is allocated at the university, among other issues.

The unionizing endeavor is supported by the national American Association of University Professors and the American Federation of Teachers. Those advocating for the union are using the “card check” method. In order to be certified by the state without a vote, they must get over 50 percent of the eligible faculty members to sign cards seeking a union within a 90 day period. This is not the first time that UO faculty have talked about forming a union. The university has remained neutral on the issue, just as it did when the issue came up in 2009.

Are you on the faculty at the University of Oregon? Are you a student or administrator? How would a faculty union affect you? Do you have experience with a university that already has a union? What advantages or disadvantages do you see in a unionized faculty?

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