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United Noshes Dishes Up International Feasts

Laura Hadden/United Noshes

Have you ever wondered what food in Kenya tastes like? Do you desire more culture in your life? If you answered yes to either of these questions then United Noshes is right up your alley. Jesse Friedman and Laura Hadden created United Noshes with the idea of cooking their way around the world. The husband and wife duo intend to cook a meal from every country recognized by the United Nations (in alphabetical order). The couple began dishing up meals in July 2011 and will reach their half way mark this March with Libya. 

The meals began with a small following (friends and friends of friends), but as the project grew in popularity so did the guest list. Now you can sign up for a meal on their website. There is no charge for the meal but donations between $10-20 are suggested. The couple has raised over $22,800 all of which has been donated to charities World Food Program USA and Mercy Corps.  Friedman and Hadden estimate the project will conclude in 2019. They plan to make an exception to the alphabetical order, and host a huge United States potluck featuring a dish from all 50 states.

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