Filmmaker Matt McCormick's grandparents are featured in his latest film, "Buzz One Four."

Filmmaker Matt McCormick’s grandparents are featured in his latest film, “Buzz One Four.”

Matt McCormick

  • Jane Irungu, UO’s assistant VP for student engagement, has been appointed as a resource person for undocumented and international students from countries on affected by President Trump’s travel ban. She, too, is an immigrant, from Nairobi, Kenya.
  • The Village movement was started in Boston 15 years ago this month, but in Portland, the oldest aging-in-place community is only in its second year. Members Ellen Howard and JoAnn Herrigel, who sits on the East Side Village board, join us to tell us more.
  • We talk to Portland-based filmmaker Matt McCormick about his new film, “Buzz One Four,” playing at the Portland International Film Festival.

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