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UO Professor Investigates Justice System In Bosnia

Pete Springer/OPB

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University of Oregon law professor Carrie Leonetti spent the last academic year in Bosnia studying eyewitness testimony and the justice system that was put in place following the Dayton Peace Agreement. She says she began the Bosnia project with a question about the use of “show ups,” a type of identification that’s permitted in the U.S. but not in Bosnia. In a “show up,” a witness is simply asked if the suspect is the person who committed the crime. This contrasts to the line up of at least five people matching the suspect’s description that is required in Bosnia.

We first spoke with Leonetti at the beginning of her Fulbright fellowship on an episode of Think Out Loud exploring the way courts in the U.S. regulate the use of eye witness testimony. She told us she’d report back after her Fulbright project concluded in Bosnia. We’ll talk to her about what she discovered and about what she says is the confounding state of the justice system there. 

What questions do you have about the role of eye witness testimony or the justice system more broadly in Bosnia?


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