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U.S. Supreme Court Fall Term Preview

Pete Springer/OPB

U.S. Supreme Court justices will begin hearing oral arguments this month for the Fall 2013 term (pdf), and controversy is already in the air over several upcoming cases. Perhaps the most hotly debated case thus far, McCutcheon v. The Federal Election Commission, once again brings campaign contributions before the court. The suit, which some media commentators have dubbed Citizens United 2.0, was brought by Alabama Republican businessman Scott McCutcheon, and seeks to overturn the current federally mandated limits on the amount an individual can contribute to a candidate within a two-year election cycle. Opponents of McCutcheon argue that such spending limits are designed to reign in corruption, while supporters point to the 2010 Citizens United decision, which ruled that such contributions are protected under the First Amendment.

The court will also hand-down rulings this session on issues as varied as environmental regulation, Affirmative Action, abortion rights and voting rights. Lisa McElroy, an Associate Professor at Drexel University’s Earle Mack School of Law, will be on the show to talk about the upcoming cases and their potential ramifications.

What current Supreme Court cases are you following?

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