A view from the edge of the Eliot Creek drainage, looking up toward the glacier.

A view from the edge of the Eliot Creek drainage, looking up toward the glacier.




  • Jackson and Umatilla counties will be giving their citizens who live overseas the opportunity to vote in special elections this November with smartphones. The Oregon counties are only the 4th and 5th U.S. jurisdictions respectively to do this, partnering with Tusk Philanthropy. We talk with the Jackson County elections clerk Christine Walker and Deak Kersey, the elections director who oversaw West Virginia’s smartphone voting program in 2018.



  • Oregon has 40 glaciers in the Cascades and Wallowa mountains that are crucial to the health of rivers, local ecosystems and snowpack levels. But two scientists are concerned that the glaciers aren’t being closely monitored. They say the lack of information means Oregonians can’t protect the glaciers and prepare for the effects of melting.



  • Portland artist Sabina Haque began exploring the history of Portland east of 82nd Avenue for an art project two years ago. Since then, she’s interviewed various residents about their history in East Portland and their hopes for its future. She joins us to talk about her project and what she hopes to do next.

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