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Wading Into Smith Henderson's Fourth of July Creek

Portland writer Smith Henderson has just published his first novel, Fourth of July Creek, and by all accounts, it seems the world at large can’t get enough of it. The book unfolds in Montana in the early 1980’s with a vulnerable boy named Benjamin Pearl, his survivalist father and a social worker named Pete Snow who’s just as broken as the people he tries to help.

Smith Henderson has already struck a deal to adapt the book for a TV series, and Harper Collins’ first run of the book is 100,000 copies. He’s also enjoyed success in the ad business, working for the iconic Weiden+Kennedy.

Smith Henderson

Henderson says although he recognizes and appreciates the success of his debut novel, he says it also feels like a long time coming. He’s been working on this project for a decade, and gathering other honors and publishing credits along the way, most notably, the Pushcart Prize and the PEN Emerging Writers fiction award in 2011.

We’ll talk with Smith Henderson in our Portland studios and ask him about Fourth of July Creek and his other creative work.

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